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Makoro Tank Guarantee

• Made from Virgin LLDPE Hexcene Polymer Based material, NO recycled material and NO Butene Polymer.
• LLDPE has higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than does LDPE.
• Compounded material for better stability and uniformity in strength and colour.
• Stainless steel moulds used for smooth finish without micro cavities.
• Water Temperature Resistant up to 50˚C
• UV Resistant for up to 8Years


What is rainwater harvesting and why is it Important?

Water is our most precious natural resource and something that most of us take for granted. We are now increasingly becoming aware of the importance of water to our survival and its limited supply.

The harvesting of rainwater simply involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls, and subsequently storing this water for later use. Normally water is collected from the roofs of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks.

Either way, the water collected can be considered to be precious.


Makoro the right choice for you

Makoro tank technologies premium tank range offers features that make Makoro the right choice for your water storage solutions. Makoro also offers tanks for industrial, chemical, and fertilizer storage solutions. When it comes to choosing your water tank you want a tank with proven performance and one that Botswana’s have counted on for years. In other words you want a tank by Makoro